by DG

You’ve purchased your movie tickets. Entered the theater lobby. What happens next? Well, if you’re like us, then it’s being struck by that overwhelming, mouth-watering aroma of freshly popped popcorn. For us it’s a must have treat at any movie. And to be honest, sometimes the most rewarding part of the movie-going experience.

But what about the home entertainment experience? Let’s face it, watching that bag of popcorn expand in the microwave just isn’t as exciting as watching popcorn pop in a popper. The sound of each popcorn kernel exploding is rewarded by a visual treat as the fresh popped corn ricochet off of each other.

Unfortunately, popcorn poppers have become a rare find in most stores. Microwave popcorn has become the primary source of popcorn. Our interest in finding popcorn poppers also came from health issues. We're concerned about the amount of calories a bag of microwave popcorn contains. Plus, no matter what microwave popcorn brand or flavor we purchase, the popcorn taste just never seemed to match what we get at the theater.

That’s why we’ve created the Popcorn Popper Shop. Here you’ll find an assortment of popcorn makers and popcorn supplies for sale from established online vendors. Just want a simple popper for you kitchen? Then look through Popcorn Poppers. How about recreating that movie theater experience with your very own Popcorn Machine? These are great additions to any entertainment room or game room. Plus you can use these machines for events, such as birthday parties and other fun events. We've also listed a concession-quality commercial popcorn machines that can be used for a business or fundraising.