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One look at the vintage Atom popcorn popper and we’re thrown back to another era. Shaped like a flying saucer from the 1950s, this stovetop popcorn maker has a loyal following. The appeal is understandable. Simplicity that harkens back to a time before microwaves and makes popping a fun and satisfying experience. Very similar to our experience with the Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper.

Where to buy an Atom Pop Corn Popper
Apparently, the Atom Pop Corn Popper is still being manufactured in Bushton, Kansas by QuinCraft Products. Sellers on EBay frequently offer this stove top popcorn maker for sale. Below is an updated listing from the online site:

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Marketed as “The Original No Shake No Stir” popper, the aluminum Atom Pop has a three inch bottom with an approximate width of 10.5 inches at the rim. It pops up to ½ cup of kernels per batch. Efficiency is built into its unique design. Heat focuses on the small amount of oil at that bottom of the pan. The wide flared rim helps to keep popped kernels away from the heated bottom. Resulting in more popped kernels and less burnt popcorn.

Watch the Atom Pop Corn Popper in action
We love the sound of the bursting popcorn as it hits the aluminimum siding.

Do you have an Atom Pop Corn Popper? If so, let us know what you think of this vintage popcorn maker.

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