Microwave popcorn

Before our family of six switched to popcorn poppers, the microwave popcorn bag was an easy family night ritual. Rip open a box, tear the cellophane, unfold and toss in the microwave for three minutes or until the sound of popping slowed. Carefully rip open the steaming bag, pour in bowl and we’re done. Sure, […]

Popcorn Poppers, Popcorn Machines, Popcorn Makers: What’s the difference

You’ll find these terms: popcorn poppers, popcorn machines, and popcorn makers often used interchangeably. Sometimes you’ll find them combined, like popcorn popper machines or popcorn popper makers, and popcorn maker machines. Is there a difference? Well, basically, they all perform the same function: heat the popcorn kernel until the moisture within reaches the boiling point…then pop! […]

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