Popcorn machines

Hosting a Super Bowl party? A popcorn popper machine can be an exciting and delicious addition to your party room. Find out what size and type of popcorn machine will best fit your needs and budget.

MaxiMatic EPM-450
Elite Tabletop Popcorn Maker Review
A Great Value for Family Movie Night

After researching several tabletop popcorn makers, we chose to buy the Elite Popcorn Maker as our very first popcorn machine for the family movie room. At well under $200, it met our budget and, most importantly, came with a number of great features normally found in more expensive 4 oz. theater popcorn makers like an […]

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Popcorn machine recall notice for burn hazard

On April 30, 2009, DTX International (d/b/a Great American Popcorn Co.) voluntarily recalled three popcorn machines due to a potential burn hazard. The three impacted models are: Pasadena Princeton Paducah The popcorn machine model names can be found on the top of the unit. Popcorn machines sold online from September 2008 to October 2008 are […]

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Red Popcorn Machines | colorful tasty flair for your home

Red popcorn machines are a standard color for a traditional snack. You’ll find that red is the most popular color for popcorn machines, whether antique or contemporary. Choosing the right red home popcorn maker shouldn’t just be based on price, consider what size you’ll need. Look below for a convenient guide on choosing the right […]

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Black popcorn machine | Popular choice for home theaters

Black popcorn machines are a popular choice for home theaters and game room. While price can be a major consideration, it’s important to choose the right sized popcorn maker. If the popper pops too little popcorn, you’ll end up disappointed and eventually end up garage selling it. Look below for a convenient guide on choosing […]

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Popcorn Poppers, Popcorn Machines, Popcorn Makers: What’s the difference

You’ll find these terms: popcorn poppers, popcorn machines, and popcorn makers often used interchangeably. Sometimes you’ll find them combined, like popcorn popper machines or popcorn popper makers, and popcorn maker machines. Is there a difference? Well, basically, they all perform the same function: heat the popcorn kernel until the moisture within reaches the boiling point…then pop! […]

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