Popcorn poppers

See how easy it is to make popcorn on the stove without a popcorn popper. No need for special equipment, just a little oil, salt, pot and, of course, a stove.

Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper | Stirring Up Awesome Tasting Popcorn

West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper

A clear favorite electric oil popcorn popper for consumers. This inexpensive bubble-shaped popper features a stirring rod that ensures all popcorn pops. The clear cover also works as a handy popcorn bowl.

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Atom Pop Corn Popper: Vintage popcorn popper

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One look at the vintage Atom popcorn popper and we’re thrown back to another era. Shaped like a flying saucer from the 1950s, this stovetop popcorn maker has a loyal following. The appeal is understandable. Simplicity that harkens back to a time before microwaves and makes popping a fun and satisfying experience. Very similar to […]

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Popcorn Poppers, Popcorn Machines, Popcorn Makers: What’s the difference

You’ll find these terms: popcorn poppers, popcorn machines, and popcorn makers often used interchangeably. Sometimes you’ll find them combined, like popcorn popper machines or popcorn popper makers, and popcorn maker machines. Is there a difference? Well, basically, they all perform the same function: heat the popcorn kernel until the moisture within reaches the boiling point…then pop! […]

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