Fun popcorn ideas for the family

Popcorn Tree

by Debi and Grant

Popcorn isn't just for eating. Over the ages, popcorn has been used in a variety of ways other than filling the belly during a movie. One that comes quick to mind is stringing popcorn together for decorative garland to go on the Christmas tree. Fun popcorn ideas are just limited by the imagination.

The ideas  below work best with hot air popped popcorn.

Create 3D popcorn art

With Elmer's glue and colorful markers, you and your kids can create wonderful 3 dimensional art. Pour popped popcorn on a table and have your kids pick through them. Ask them if they see parts of animals, like a head, body, legs and feets. This is a great imagination builder similar to seeing shapes in the clouds. Your kids will get excited as the shapes come to life. Glue the shapes together and apply colorful eyes with the markers.

Make a popcorn tree

When outside, have your kids pick up a twig with "branches." With glue, apply popped popcorn to the joints of the twig. Once dried, you can "plant" the popcorn tree in a small planter for a decorative display in your home.

Create a popcorn wreath

At a craft store, you can purchase wooden rings of varying width.  You can also purchase actual wreaths made of vines and twigs. Either will do. One way to easily create a popcorn wreath is to spray an adhesive on the wreath and pour popped popcorn over it. Once dried, the wreath will be covered with popcorn. Or, if you want to give the kids a craft they can spend time on, pull out the elmers glue and have them apply the popcorn all over the wreath (the wooden rings work best here). When finished and dry put on a colorful bow.

Do you have any fun popcorn ideas you'd like to share? We'd love to hear them.

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