4 oz Paragon Thrifty Pop Popcorn Machine

by DG

Paragon Thrifty Pop Popcorn MachineAn easily affordable quality 4 oz. popcorn machine from Paragon. The Thrifty Pop Popcorn Machine produces 4 one ounce servings in three to five minutes and 92 oz. in about an hour. With a width of 16 inches, this popcorn machine easily fits on your counter top.

The Paragon Thrifty Pop Popcorn Machine features a sturdy cabinet construction and tempered glass panels. Additionally, it has side-hinged anodized aluminum kettle. This Paragon popcorn maker is power rated at 1200 watts, which helps to ensure quick popping times. For a family looking for a high quality economical home popcorn machine, the Thrifty Pop could be a perfect match for your budget and needs. Also available in an 8 oz. size.

Paragon has a reputation for building quality popcorn poppers. The popcorn machines are manufactured in America and replacement parts, if necessary, are easily available.

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