MaxiMatic EPM-450
Elite Tabletop Popcorn Maker Review
A Great Value for Family Movie Night

by Debi and Grant

Our Elite Tabletop Popcorn Maker easily sits on a filing cabinet in our movie-themed room. It's a great addition next to our Avatar and Doris Day movie posters

After researching several tabletop popcorn makers, we chose to buy the Elite Popcorn Maker as our very first popcorn machine for the family movie room.

At well under $200, it met our budget and, most importantly, came with a number of great features normally found in more expensive 4 oz. theater popcorn makers like an old maid tray and a bottom tray popcorn warmer.

We've found the MaxiMatic EPM-450 Elite Tabletop Popcorn Machine fun and simple to operate. Just an on/off switch and a light and warming tray switch to deal with. We also appreciate the kettle lid magnet, freeing both hands to pour oil and popcorn.

It has consistently popped delicious popcorn with very little unpopped kernels. While we've had great results separately adding oil and popcorn to the kettle, we've found using pre-mixed packages of oil, seasoning and popcorn really captures the flavor and aroma of movie theater popcorn.

The Elite Tabletop Popcorn Maker also comes with a popcorn scoop, measuring cup, tablespoon and salt shaker.

The Elite Popcorn Machine includes a nice quality popcorn scoop, measuring cup, a spoon for oil and a salt shaker.

It's been easy to clean quickly. The old maid tray is a great help here. As is the fact that the kettle swings down away from the stirring rod, making it very simple to access and wipe out the kettle.

Overall, our family loves using the Elite Popcorn Maker. Hearing the rapid popping of the popcorn in the kettle and smelling that delicious freshly popped popcorn aroma helps to make our family movie nights a bit more magical. It also adds a lot to the festive atmosphere for parties that we host.

How much does the Elite Popcorn Maker cost?

We found this popcorn machine on the MaxiMatic website for $180, but you shouldn't have to pay more than $160 for this machine. One of the best prices we've seen is on Amazon and you can use the link to the left for information on pricing and the free shipping they offer.

How much popcorn does the Elite Popcorn Maker pop?

With a 4 oz kettle, this popcorn machine has been the perfect size for our family. At first, we were a bit worried about whether a 4 oz popcorn machine would work with our family size (2 adults and 4 teens). However, not everyone is home on movie nights (2 teens work now), so a larger sized popcorn machine would have popped more than we could handle.

An average-sized family (2 adults and 2 children) will find a 4 oz popper more than suitable for their needs. It produces 16 1-oz servings per popping session (a bit more than what's popped in a microwave popcorn bag). And, it pops popcorn in just about 4 minutes. So you can easily accommodate a larger crowd with multiple popping sessions.

Shipping and assembling the Elite Popcorn Maker

Our Elite Tabletop Popcorn Maker was shipped to our home protectively well packaged. In fact, it was tightly packaged as it took a few moments to remove the popper from the box. Assembly was pretty straight forward with clear instructions. The only difficult part was removing the cotter pin that holds the hinge in place. We also had to fine tune adjust the plate that holds the kettle up as it was a little too tight when releasing the kettle after popping.

At 14" x 12" , the popcorn machine easily fits on our counters. In fact, we placed ours on a small filing cabinet. At 30 lbs, it's also light enough to easily pick up and carry to different locations around the house or even into the backyard.

Let's take a closer look at some of our favorite features of the MaxiMatic EPM-450 Elite Tabletop Popcorn Machine

Is it easy to clean? Yep. And pretty quickly too.

We're going to admit it, cleaning is not one of our favorite past times. After watching a movie or hosting a party, the less effort cleaning the better. What attracted us to the Elite Popcorn Maker were some of the features that make cleaning pretty easy and quick.

Old Maid Tray: Honestly, we wouldn't own a popcorn machine without one. It's so easy to sweep unpopped kernels and popcorn remnants into the holes of the bottom tray. Then pull the old maid tray out and deposit the contents in the trash. All done.

Stirring rod and Kettle Construction: The stirring rod is conveniently attached to the top of the machine. Swing the kettle down and there's easy access to wipe the kettle with a damp cloth.

Detachable Kettle: Overtime, and with less frequent cleaning, the kettle can build up carbon from the heated oil and popcorn. The kettle easily detaches from the machine by just removing a cotter pin and bolt. This way you can do a thorough cleaning. So far, we've not had to do this thorough of cleaning as we've consistently wiped the kettle with a damp cloth after we're done using the machine.

Stainless Steel Kettle: Stainless steel is pretty resistant to scratches, dings and dents and the kettle can stay bright and shiny through years of use. The metal is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild dishwashing detergent. It can't be run through the dishwasher as the heating element is attached to the kettle.

Convenient to use and operate? Couldn't be easier.

Just two buttons: The Elite Popcorn Machine is simple to operate. The "Pop" switch starts the stirrer and the heating of the kettle. The "Light" switch turns on the light and tray warmer.

Kettle Lid Magnet: Very convenient feature. When pouring oil or popcorn into the kettle, lift the lid to the top of the machine, a magnet holds the lid in place. This keeps both hands free. It's recommended to use an oven mitt when handling the kettle lid.

Rotation Kettle Bar: When you hear the popcorn stop popping, simply rotate the kettle bar. The kettle swings down and the remaining popcorn pours out to the tray below.

Here is a look under the bottom tray of the Elite Tabletop Popcorn Maker. You can see the old maid tray in the forground. In the upper left is the warming element that heats the bottom tray and keeps the popcorn warm and crispy.

Warming Light and Warming Tray:
A warming light is pretty standard with all popcorn machines. However, the Elite Popcorn Maker comes with a warming element below the bottom tray. This keeps your popcorn crisp and warm for a longer period of time. This is feature not seen in a lot of 4 oz popcorn machines.

A Great Value for Family Movie Night Popcorn Fun

The MaxiMatic EPM-450 Elite Tabletop Popcorn Machine is one of the top popcorn machines we recommend to our friends. The price is perfect for the family budget. For the typical home use, this is a great value.

As a home decoration, the Elite Popcorn Machine's retro appearance is a great addition to our movie-themed room.

This is a home popcorn machine and shouldn't be considered for commercial or multi fundraising event usage. Additionally, if you plan on using a popcorn machine several times a week for parties, functions and the sort, consider looking at one of the commercial grade machines, like the Paragon Popcorn Machines. The 1911 popcorn machine also has a retro theater appearance. These poppers, usually start at over $300, are designed for high end uses. But they might be an overkill for the typical home popcorn use.

What others are saying about the Elite Popcorn Machine

This popcorn machine receives rave reviews from most consumers on the net, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon. Here are some comments on the Elite Popcorn Machine:

"Other machines have these features (such as the Paragon units) but they cost around $300. This is a great deal and I'd buy it again."

"Super easy to clean and it is a pleasure to use. I love it."

"This popcorn popper is worth the money. We use it every Friday and Saturday. Not made of cheap plastic like some other models."

"This unit makes great popcorn and makes enough for about 4 people at a time (or one husband who loves popcorn)."

"Easy to assemble, looks good in the home theater. A good buy for folks who like a lot of popcorn."'

Where can you read more reviews on the Elite Popcorn Machine?

The best place for reviews from people who have purchased this product is Amazon.

Read what other customers say about the Elite Popcorn Machine on Amazon


Elite Deluxe EPM-450 Maxi-Matic 4 Ounce Old-Fashioned Tabletop Popcorn Popper Machine with Accessories, Red Elite Deluxe EPM-450 Maxi-Matic 4 Ounce Old-Fashioned Tabletop Popcorn Popper Machine with Accessories, Red
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