Slow Motion Popcorn Popping Videos | How does popcorn pop?

Popcorn popping in slow motion

by Debi and Grant

It’s amazing how such a little popcorn kernel can explode into something as fluffy and tasty as, well, popcorn. So, how does this delicious tranformation take place? Here’s the simple explanation:

Each kernel of popcorn has an amount of moisture and oil in it. As the oil and moisture heat inside a popcorn popper machine beyond the boiling point, the moisture turns into a superheated pressurized stem. The heated and softened kernel hull becomes pliable. Once the hull ruptures, the steam expands the starch and proteins inside the kernel into airy and crispy and delicious foam. POP!

Now just add butter and salt or another favorite seasoning and you’ve got a delicous snack.

Watch our favorite slow motion popcorn popping videos

This is a montage of popping kernels set to transcendent music.

Shot at 5,400 fps, this video captures the beautiful instance of a kernel popping.

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