History of Popcorn: Were Aliens Responsible?

Tiny Circus' alternative history of popcorn

by Debi and Grant

This is a very cute and endearing animation on an alternative history of popcorn created by Tiny Circus. Apparently, in their version of history, aliens had a "hand" in the evolution of popcorn. We like the hovering popcorn popper machine.

Tiny Circus creates stop-motion animated art projects through a collaborative, community-based process. They travel to schools, universities, art and film festivals, museums and galleries. You can view a number of their creative animations on the Tiny Circus You Tube Channel.

4,000 year old popcorn was found in a bat cave in New Mexico. Did Batman and Robin pop popcorn in their cave? Maybe that power generator in the back of the cave doubled as a giant popcorn machine.

The actual history of popcorn is pretty exciting without alien intervention. The oldest ears of popcorn, about 4,000 years old, was found in a Bat Cave in New Mexico. Apparently, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson might have been early fans of popcorn.

An early description of popcorn popping comes from the Spanish in their descriptions of Aztec Indian ceremonies around the 15th century. Heated sand in fire were ancient popcorn poppers. We think science of popping popcorn has improved over the ages.  You can find detailed popcorn history at Popcorn.org.

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